Welcome and Congratulations!

Before your course begins we want you to know what to expect from us, and what we expect from you. 

You’ll have weekly assignments and we’ll have weekly deliverables based on the completion of your assignments.

If you’re eager to wrap your head around what to expect, browse some answers to frequently expressed concerns.

If you have any other questions or concerns, we get all of those details ironed out on your on-boarding call.

Go ahead and schedule that call now:

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We use Whereby for our weekly Q&A calls

The calls are done live in a group setting with all participants each week. These are in addition to your weekly one-on-one call with your coach.

Participants share their progress and get questions answered by Q Crew as well as insight from other participants. 

The link to join us each week is whereby.com/qcreative

Meet your new start-up adventure cohort

The creators of this program are insight junkies as well as entrepreneurs.  We’ve taken all the courses, read all the books and extracted the most useful information to try in our businesses.

We’ve invested time and money into degrees, certifications and workshops. The concepts and lessons that have worked for us and our clients form the foundation of this course.

We know what motivates us to complete a project, and what kinds of things we can weasel out of. There’s no hiding out in Q Creative Academy.

There are a limited number of participants at any given time so we will know your name, your face, and your new business venture.

These are the people who will be supporting you and leading your course:

Kym Dolcimascolo

Jennifer Ann Love

Tammy Soffer