Start With Your Values & Vision

Create Anything from Nothing

Those words are literally tattooed on my spine.

We have a tendency to hold on to things for far longer than they serve us.

From time to time, it’s useful to take stock of your personal values and vision.

Typically how it goes is life deals you a blow you weren’t expecting and then, Boom. Sudden, tragic loss.

In time, a new space opens. Because the universe abhors a vacuum, something will fill that space.

We’re going to guide you through our process of creating space for something new to emerge. From there, you will reveal your vision.

It’s *extremely* rare to have the opportunity to intentionally create anything.

Because humans are hard-wired to collect. Experiences, knowledge, money, shoes.

But all of that stuff is in the world of gratification. There are quick fixes for almost any problem you have, the solution to which, creates another problem.

Which in turn, requires another solution. And so on.

Each choice you make is determined by a the path you took before and so on.

Before you know it, you’ve taken a million paths and still feel stuck.

Life begins to feel like a huge ball of rubber bands wrapped around the core of who you are.

The assignments and process in this course is designed to peel away those rubber bands and see what’s going on underneath.

We need to get you back to “nothing,” so that you can clearly create a vision for your future.

We’re going to gently guide you from the world of quick-fixes and gratification to a life of lasting fulfillment.

You cannot create something new and exciting, on top of your problem-solution life.

So we’re going to pull a few weeds out by the root this week and get the soil ready to plant a new garden.

You new chapter begins, today.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Module
  • 4 Assignments
  • 1 Assessment
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