Structure your business around the mission and the money will follow

Money is a nice side effect of a successful business, but the pursuit of money alone is never enough to build a thriving environment that will sustain itself for generations.

In this assignment, you will clearly define your company’s purpose and meaning with a mission statement. Your mission should set out to add value to and transform people’s lives first and foremost. We will then marry your mission that drives your company with a compelling story that will inform the tone of your website, sales and marketing materials and social media. Communicate your company’s mission, vision and values to all team members consistently and often to foster a shared culture in the workplace. First let’s distinguish what we’re looking for when we talk about your mission, vision and values.

Your mission:

  • Focuses on today and what the organization does
  • Should be no more than a few concise sentences
  • Communicates the value of the business to both customers and employees
  • Draws in customers by creating direction by explaining what the company intends to accomplish
  • Should sound plausible and realistic

A clearly defined mission doesn’t just improve employee satisfaction — it also increases your bottom line. 


Unlike a mission statement that lives in the here and now, your vision statement represents far future goals, like a beautiful rainbow at the end of a long journey.

Mission vs. Vision

The Susan G. Komen Foundation fights breast cancer by facilitating races and walks “for the cure” all over the world. The organization has a clear mission and vision that illustrates the difference between the two:

Mission:  Save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.

Vision: A world without breast cancer.

More examples of vision statements:

  • Caterpillar: “Our vision is a world in which all people’s basic needs – such as shelter, clean water, sanitation, food and reliable power – are fulfilled in an environmentally sustainable way, and a company that improves the quality of the environment and the communities where we live and work.”
  • Habitat for Humanity: “A world where everyone has a decent place to live.”
  • Oxfam: “A world without poverty.”
  • Samsung: “Inspire the world, create the future.”

To practice, fill this form out and a copy will get emailed to yourself.

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