Avoiding the Pitfalls of Boring Headlines

Headlines, subject lines, topic sentences, hooks and thesis statements make up your reader’s first impression.

People read five times more headlines than they do the copy beneath. If you were to break down the costs of content, the headline is 80% of your budget. So don’t blow it.

There’s actually a formula to writing attention-grabbing headlines. Using tried and true headline formulas isn’t copying – it’s just smart. Once you can imitate what works, in copy writing you’re free to be spontaneous.

Until then, practice learning from the best and imitating what works.

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Fill in the blank headlines:

Most people already know ____

Thousands have figured out ____

Tried and tested by dozens ____

This is the closest we’ll ever get to…

An elegant demonstration of…

Understanding my obsession with…

The unique way ___ treats ____

Innovative ___ allows you to ____ while ______

The mysterious life and death of ____

Avoiding the many pitfalls of ____

New approach unlocks the hidden potential in unmotivated 3 simple to follow steps

Allow me to re-introduce ____

America’s obsessed with ____ – But….

____ is a relatively new problem

Sub headline starters:

And how ____ saved time and money by making this one small change…

And why now more than ever ____ is becoming more commonplace

What you can do to change ____ and enjoy more freedom

And wha they did to increase profits at the same time

And why you’re missing out on ___ if you’re not embracing the change

A counterintuitive approach to ____

Why we do what we do in ______

How to stop doubting yourself and start thriving in _____

The secret to ____ that lasts

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