New Marketing Mindset

Attraction vs. promotion

To stay relevant your marketing strategy should begin with considering who you most want to attract to your business and speak directly to them– authentically.

When you’re in touch with your vision and values, marketing comes naturally. Like speaking to an old friend. And all you have to do is be yourself and speak from the heart.

New marketing is all about improving lives of consumers and making a difference in the world.

Marketing is Not Sales

For many years I was convinced that the best method of marketing was to new prospects was to get on the phone and make cold calls or better yet, go door to door show my face and drop off a media kit to prospective businesses. And maybe it’s true. 

The problem is, it’s not something I ever felt comfortable with. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted beating myself up because I didn’t have it in me to suck it up and spend two hours banging out phone calls every day. And because I can never ask anyone on my team to do anything I wouldn’t do myself, I was never effective at managing anyone doing sales. 

While I suffered over this dilemma, my sales suffered as well. 

But I had convinced myself that my low sales were a reflection of my effectiveness as a sales manager. I was convinced I deserved to struggle until I could master picking up the phone and interrupting people’s days with an awkward and unsolicited phone call. 

I felt desperate even considering cold calling, and more desperate the lower my sales would fall. It was a recipe for low-key but constant stress that I managed to mask most of the time (at least I thought I did).

The impact of holding tightly to this disempowering belief this was twofold

  1. My self esteem as a business owner and entrepreneur was in the gutter. I was the owner and publisher of a community newspaper for over a decade and literally embarrassed to tell people about what I did for a living. 
  2. I was blind to exploring any other more effective marketing strategies. 

Mixed Messages

Your new business venture will need to employ a healthy mix of tried and true as well as modern marketing methods. There are hundreds of ways for people to learn you exist, many may never make sense for your industry. 

Take some time to become familiar with marketing methods and choose only the ones that feel best to you. Remember: marketing should feel easy, never sleazy.

First consider where your prospects are for example, Linkedin is good for a professional target audience. SnapChat for millennials etc. 

Personally, I’m LOVING TikTok right now.

Craft and schedule social media posts to direct people to your offer page with a single call to action, not to your web page (aka digital brochure).

Set up profiles on desired social media where your target a in udience is hanging out the most.

Once your presence has been sufficiently established, you can target well-written social media ads to an incredibly specific audience. You’ll really want to test your ads with a budget of at least $1,000 / month.  

And consider sprinkling in a few tried and true real-world offline strategies to really help you stand apart

  1. Handwritten thank you notes are timeless and memorable
  2. Professional networking events are a great way to have new conversations
  3. Cold calling and door to door canvassing but only if you’re great at it
  4. Radio or TV ads
  5. Email marketing
  6. Kickass sales team
  7. Print advertising still works
  8. Outdoor Media
  9. Trade Show / Expo
  10. Word of Mouth
  11. Write a Blog
  12. Direct mail – response list or EDDM 
  13. Think of joint ventures with whom you can collaborate and double your business? Think of win-win arrangements to collaborate: i.e. be a guest speaker at an event. Create an agreement to split any profits fairly.  
  14. Podcasts are great to reach a niche market
  15. Alexa’s Daily Flash Briefings

Find your style. Avoid jargon. Add personal details. Write how you talk. Less facts, more stories. Explore topics that are things your clients should be doing, mistakes they commonly make. Always make it valuable to the reader.

Strategically place keywords in headlines web pages and blog posts.

Choose keywords by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. What would they be looking for? Keywords are also used to score effectiveness of ad and google will rank your ad higher. 

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