Check Your Landing Page’s Vital Signs

Give you landing page a checkup and examine it’s vital signs to see where healthy improvements can be made to increase engagement and conversions.

Market Callout

a. Call out to your audience directly or indirectly
b. Single out your specific audience to filter out those who won’t convert

Clear, Concise, and Easy to Understand

a. 1 single message, 1 single offer
b. Pass the 5-second test—answer the “What for,” “Why,” and “What’s next” questions
c. Cut down on the clutter and confusing jargon

Compelling Headline

a. Clear, concise, benefit-rich headline
b. Address how your product/service alleviates your customers’ pain point
c. Don’t sacrifice clarity for the sake of “cutesy” headlines
d. Quality and clarity count more than anything CTA Above the Fold

Clear Call to Action

a. Give visitors a chance to take action without scrolling
b. Have only 1 intended action visible above the fold

Contrasting Button Color

a. The button color should not blend into background
b. Use bright colors and/or contrasting colors for the button
c. Utilize brand accent colors

Custom Button Text

a. Customize your button text; “Submit” is not compelling enough
b. Speak to an end result (i.e. “Free Instant Access”)
c. Let people know exactly what benefit they get from clicking

Social Proof

a. Use social share icons, “as seen on” logos, testimonials, and/or eye-catching numbers
b. Numbers and testimonials need to be meaningful and tied to the offer

Limited Navigation

a. Too many options can lower conversions
b. Don’t create a true island, but severely limit the navigation options

Use Visual Cues

a. Incorporate arrows, boxes, or other visual cues to draw attention to the CTA

Hero Shot

a. Include an image/graphical representation of the product
b. Works great for visually appealing content or design-heavy Lead Magnets
c. Give the viewer insight into the product, which builds excitement

Relevant Form Fields

a. Only ask for information you need
b. Make sure the offer you are giving is proportional to the value of the information you are capturing; proportional give and take

Source Congruency

a. Text and imagery on the landing page should match the ad that brought the viewer there
b. Try creating a transformative story with the ad and landing page that is in line with the value your product/service creates

Brand Consistency

a. The overall look and feel of every landing page should be consistent with your core brand

Visible Privacy Policy and TOS

a. These are required to advertise on Google, so include links to both
b. Including these can boost your trustworthiness and conversions
c. Play around with where you include these links (they don’t only have to go in the footer), but make sure they are visible

Mobile Optimization

a. All forms, images, text, etc. need to be optimized for mobile
b. Including another CTA at the bottom of the page cuts down on scrolling

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