Fall in Love with Your Ideal Clients

To stay relevant your marketing should begin with considering who you most want to attract to your business and speak directly to them– authentically. When you’re in touch with your vision and values, marketing comes naturally. Like speaking to an old friend. And all you have to do is be yourself and speak from the heart. Sounds simple, right?

But with more companies than ever competing for attention in the digital marketing sphere time and attention are scarce. What’s worse is that there seem to be a million tactics to employ to get your message out there with new ones popping up every week.

Sometimes it feels like to compete you need:

    • Google ads
    • SEM
    • PPC (pay per click) ads
    • Content marketing
    • A kick ass website
    • Podcasts
    • Landing Pages
    • Social Proof
    • YouTube Videos
    • Funnels
    • An all star sales team
    • Professional networking events
    • Cold calling, knocking on doors
    • Radio / TV ads
    • Email marketing
    • Guerrilla marketing
    • Public Relations
    • Customer Appreciation Events
    • Affliate marketing
    • Print advertising
    • Outdoor media
    • Trade shows /expo
    • Press Releases
    • Webinars
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Blogs and Vlogs
    • Daily Flash Briefing Ads (Alexa)
    • Keyword marketing
    • Direct Mail

The truth is, most of this stuff is like sitting in a rocking chair. It’ll keep you busy but get you nowhere.

Marketing today is still fundamentally about improving lives of consumers and making a difference in the world. And if you understand who your target audience is and the buyer’s journey, it won’t matter what tactics you choose to use.

Meet them where they are

Let’s pretend your business is single and ready to mingle. And it has a “type.” The first thing you’d wanna know is where the kind of people you want to date hang out.  LinkedIn is good for a professional target audience. SnapChat for millennials etc.

To stay relevant your marketing strategy should begin with considering who you most want to attract to your business and speak directly to them– authentically. When you’re in touch with your vision and values, marketing comes naturally. Like speaking to an old friend. And all you have to do is be yourself and speak from the heart.

Love them and make them right

We all have our strongly held beliefs about experiences we’ve had. In the psych world, we can ll them cognitive biases. They’re just baked in to our thinking and are mostly hidden from our view.

Your prospects have them, too. Your job in writing copy that connects is to confirm what you know they know. Make them feel smart, and confident about partnering with your team to solve their most pressing issues.

If you’re aware of what their objections are based on what you know they know about services like yours, you can address those objections front and center. They will trust that you’ve been in their shoes and understand how to help.

Marketing is a lot like dating

The biggest mistake I see people make in marketing is trying to close a deal on a cold prospect. This is like walking into a bar, finding a stranger, and asking them to sleep with you.

As a newspaper publisher, I was convinced that the best way of selling ad space to new prospects was to get on the phone and make cold calls or better yet, go door to door show my face and drop off a media kit to prospective businesses.

The problem is, it’s not something I ever felt comfortable with. I can’t tell you how many hours I wasted beating myself up because I didn’t have it in me to suck it up and spend two hours banging out phone calls every day. While I suffered over this dilemma, my sales suffered as well.

But I had convinced myself that my low sales were a reflection of my effectiveness as a publisher. I was convinced I deserved to struggle until I could master picking up the phone and interrupting people’s days with an awkward and unsolicited phone call. And for years that’s where I was stuck.

It was a recipe for low-key but constant stress that I managed to mask most of the time (at least I thought I did).

The impact of holding tightly to this disempowering belief this was twofold:

    1. My self esteem as a business owner and entrepreneur was in the gutter. I was the owner and publisher of a community newspaper and literally embarrassed to tell strangers what I did for a living.

I was blind to exploring any effective marketing strategies convinced that cold calling was the way.

When I discovered that there’s a thing called the Customer Value Journey I immediately saw that there were important steps on the journey that I was completely overlooking.

1. Awareness

The first stage is making sure the potential client is aware you exist. This is where advertisers usually start and end. They create an ad with an offer to “buy now” and blame the media they chose when the ad “didn’t work.”

Once you’ve set up your ‘dating profile’ (social media, newsletter, website etc.) it’s not time to ask for marriage proposals. It’s time to start having basic conversations. That is, if you register as “attactive” to your desired demographic to begin with (that’s where your brand comes in).

2. Engage

Once your presence has been sufficiently established, you can target well-written social media ads to an incredibly specific audience.

Find your style. Avoid jargon. Add personal details. Write how you talk. Less facts, more stories.

This part of the journey about engagement. Engagement can be anything from a “like” on a photo to comment on a blog.

It’s like the person you want to date has noticed you and you’re on their radar. Now, strike up a friendly conversation. See what you have in common.

3. Get the digits… with a free sample (subscribe)

So you’ve hit it off.  Maybe they think you’re charming. Now is when you want to get their number in the dating analogy of marketing.

Start by offering something of value to them and get them to subscribe in order to receive it. It can come in the form of a webinar, an e-book, a free consultation or coaching session etc.

It’s a small commitment that can easily be made after a little awareness and trust have been established.

4. The kiss goodnight (convert)

Things are going well.  Now’s the part in the Customer Value Journey where you make them a customer.

At this point they’re eager to take things to the next level, you just need to show them how.

The price point here should be under $20. You won’t be making a profit at this point.  You’re still in the “customer acquisition” stage and should budget for it accordingly. Your ROI is a little further in the journey.

5. Build on the excitement

6. Make them a multi-buyer

Your offers are now geared for profits. Think upsells, package deals etc.

7. Make it Facebook Official

This is the stage where you ask for a review or post about their experience with your company.

8. Make them a promoter

Design an affiliate program that gives your best customers a referral fee when they send you new business.


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