I’m Lovin’ It: Your Tagline in 5 Words or Fewer

The second most nerve-wracking aspect of choosing a business name is distilling what you offer into under five words.

A well-crafted tagline will distinguish you from your competition and define the essence of your offerings.

  • I’m Lovin’ It
  • Think Different
  • Just Do It

A tagline is similar to a slogan, the difference is that a slogan changes with your marketing campaigns. The tagline, often presented graphically with your logo never changes.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Needs to be short and easy to recall. Under five words is ideal.
  • Try to make it rhyme or use a play on words if you can.
  • Cannot be generic.  Nothing like : “We Give Great Customer Service.”
  • Must be connected to the outcome of having done business with you.
  • Must reflect your brands mission, vision and values.
  • Make it timeless.
  • Don’t make promises, communicate benefits.

That’s it!

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