We help wannapreneurs become entrepreneurs

Q Academy takes you through the process of launching a business from concept to market in just six weeks. We simplify and streamline fundamental startup concepts and assignments to get your new brand off the ground as soon as possible. 

In this course, you work with our team in a collaborative way, to build a business plan, brand and web presence with a solid marketing strategy ready to execute in just six weeks. We turn dreamers into doers.

A master’s degree in business runs a average of $41k and a 40 year (!) study found NO correlation between having and MBA and a successful business.  While getting your MBA may be right for many people, it’s certainly not a surefire way to success.

Learn by doing.

Traditional education environments like classrooms and workshops present information and (if you could stay awake for the entire presentation) leave it up to you to transfer that knowledge into practical application.

You read something in a book, hear it in a lecture… Maybe even remember it long enough to pass a quiz. But most of the information gets lost in the ethers, never to be transferred into practical use.

Our immersive learn-by-doing approach is called project-based learning. But it really doesn’t matter what it’s called. It’s what we know to have worked for us.

Participants use the skills they learn in real time– no transfer necessary. 

Get a sneak peek at what's in the course.

Take a look at the course content below. The Mission Vision and Values “sample lesson” is open for anyone. 

Maybe you LOVE what you do. And you’re great at it. On top of that you’re too stubburn to ever work for someone else ever again. So you struggle and work your butt off until you burn out. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if things could be light, fun and easy? 

What if I’ve already
started my business?

We can’t imagine you’d be reading this page if you weren’t in some way struggling with your start-up and looking for a solution. This course is designed to help you, too.

You see other entreprenuers making it look so easy and think you *must* be missing something. Well, you’re probably right. But it’s not as mysterious or hard as you think.

We don’t know you, or anything about your business (yet).

But we’re willing to bet that if you’re stuck with the same old breakdowns for months or even years, we fundamentally understand the source of your stress.

In a nutshell, it’s because your sales and marketing efforts are more about you than your customers. We’re not saying you don’t give amazing customer service or love your clients. But what happens during or after a sale isn’t what we’re talking about here.

When it comes to marketing, most business owners think they know the best way to market their business (word of mouth ain’t it) or that digital marketing is way too complex (it’s not.)

In short, they focus on their own goals, desires, fears and needs and only work inside their comfort level. There’s a much better — and EASIER way.

Participants will take the shortest and most effective route from theory to practice.

No more sitting on the sidelines of your dream. Q Academy happens in the course, on the calls and on the court of your life.

The problem with formal education is that it sets up an indirect path between the learning context and the target environment – the context in which learned skills and knowledge are actually applied.

For example, there’s a huge difference between learning French in high school and going to speak the language in Paris. Concepts studied in the classic classroom environment don’t readily translate to a practical application.

If you tend to overthink, have analysis paralysis, or are just a garden-variety procrastinator, this course is designed with you in mind. It’s something we wish existed 15 years ago.


The six-week program has been designed to guide you step-by-step through the creation of your new start-up venture. With our team of experts, we will co-create with you:

  • Business Plan
  • Brand Assets: 
    Logo, Fonts, Colors, Photo Style

  • Custom Website (up to 5 pages)
    and Training to Update it
  • Set up Your Domain and Hosting
    (free for first three months)
  • Content Creation 
  • Customer Avatar
  • Lead Magnet & Funnel
  • Social Media Set Up

Whether you’ve had a dream of owning your own business forever, or you’re a serial entrepreneur who needs a kick-in-the-pants to crank out a new brand– at the end of six weeks, the immersive experience will result in the creation of a complete brand and web presence.

We present concepts and assignments that have been distilled down to give you the greatest outcome in the shortest amount. 

Q Creative Academy focuses on five overarching topics Startup Fundamentals; Mindset Coaching; Brand Innovation; Marketing Magic and Web Presense.

  • Mission, Vision & Values
  • Business Plan
  • Detemining your Ideal Prospect and Creating a Customer Avatar
  • Pricing Strategy for your Primary Offering

Being a small business owner is not for the faint of heart. While anyone can do it, takes a particular mindset to hang in there.

The first thing we look at is the mindset of an entreprenuer from a holistic perspective. Together we will create a vision for your future in all areas of your life that matter most to you. 

Weekly group calls are facilitated by a Q Academy Coach. On our weekly calls participants are tasked with mentoring and assisting newer participants.

You’ll receive one-on-one coaching each week.


At the end of the course you will have:

  • Mission, Values and Vision
  • Custom Logo and Tagline
  • Brand Fonts, Colors, and Photo Style
  • Branded Social Media Accounts Set Up


Once you really start to dig into modern digital marketing strategies, it can get overwhelming and fast.

But when done right, it’s magic. We’ve sifted through years of marketing advice to give you access to the arcana. Together, we will:

  • Identify one niche product or service
  • Create one fully fleshed-out customer avatar
  • Create compelling content and copy for your site and social media
  • Essential account set up to enhance your online presence (Google My Business etc)
  • A custom lead magnet & funnel
    and much more!

More important than a web site is a complete web presence.

By the end of the course we will have created together:

  • A complete custom web site (includes up to five pages and managed wordpress hosting on our dedicated server for 3 months after launch)
  • Domain name registration for one year
  • A unique, compelling and downloadable offer of value to your ideal customer
  • A standalone landing or squeeze page to direct customers to your offers
  • E-newsletter set up
  • Three branded social media channels
  • One basic e-mail account with your domain (GSuite upgrade available)
  • GoogleMyBusiness set up

80 percent of employment in this country comes from small businesses, businesses that have ten or twelve employees. Where you go is where the world goes or where this country goes.

That’s what small business owners really need to understand. The heartbeat of our entire economy is you.

- Tony Robbins

Image: (CC) Brian Solis. www.briansolis.com

Course Content

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An online course
like no other.

The creators of this program are insight junkies as well as entrepreneurs.  We’ve taken all the courses, read all the books and extracted the most useful information to try in our businesses. 

The concepts and lessons that worked for us form the foundation of this course. In other words, we’ve invested time and money into degrees, certifications and workshops that didn’t make a difference for our businesses. You will be   

We know what motivates us to complete a project, and what kinds of courses we can weasel out of. 

There’s no hiding out in Q Creative Academy. There are a maximum of ten participants at any given time so we will know your name, your face, and your new business venture.

Habits you’ll
strengthen or create:

  • Taking decisive action

  • Prioritizing and completing important tasks

  • High-level networking with like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Honoring your word despite your circumstances

  • Mindset shifts galore

  • Ability to focus attention on details

  • Completing tasks and projects fully

Bring more of your
unique self-expression
into your career.

When you’re doing what you love, nothing feels like work.

Blending passion with profit isn’t easy to pull off.

That’s why we offer training and tools to run a values-based business that generates wealth without crushing your soul.